Saturday, 5 October 2013

3 Misunderstanding about islam

This post is specifically written to non muslim and generally to my brothers n sisters in islam…

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Most of us know that islam has been misunderstood by many people even muslim itself. Thus , here I just want to share something about issues that were misunderstood by most non muslim out there. Hopefully this can make your mind clearer and better with correct perception about islam.

1.       Why men can marry more than one?

·         Al-Quran allows men to marry in limited range of wives which are 4
-This type of marriage is not a must in Islam but it is something that is allowed in Islam.
·         Women population in the world is bigger than men
-In America women >men 7.8 billion
-In In Germany women>men 5 bilion
-In Russian women>men 9 bilion.
-Only God knows how many women exceed men in world
·         The average life expectancy for women  is longer than men
·         Assuming if our sibling is one of the American women that failed to get husband. She only has 2 choices: first, to marry with husband of other second, to be public item(do prostitution)
Of course the first choice is better and dignified choice.

2.       Why women are not allowed to married more than one, like men?

·         If man has >1 wife, the mother of the child can be identified easily. However, when a woman married to >1 husband , the father of  child from the marriage hardly can be identified unless specific scientific identification is done..
·         Biologically, a man still can do his task as a husband even though he has many wives. Unlike man, woman cannot do her job as a wife perfectly when married to >1 husband. Woman faces many psychological changes and has change menstrual cycle
·         Men has higher tendency for polygamy than women
·         Women with > 1 husband has higher tendency to get venereal disease than men

3.       Why muslim are not allowed to eat pork?

·         In islam, muslim was prohibited to eat pork:
As in Quran said:
(Al-Maidah 5:3)
·         Pork also is prohibited in Bible. It is proven in (Leviticus 11:7-8) and (Deuteronomy 14:8)
·         Eating pork can cause many disease
-It can cause not <60 diseases.People can get many types of helminthes like tape worm, pinworm and so forth. Although pork has been cooked in correct timing, the helminthes still cannot be killed. Hence, eating them can lead to many diseases.
·         Pig is a most dirty and disgusting animal.
-pig lives and breeds in a dirty environment. In many village in India, pig always eats feces.
-Although, some argues that some pigs are placed in a clean environment, but still the animals is dirty. They eat other`s feces and their own feces.

I have referred the information above from book that I read: Most common questions about islam written by Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. If any of you have more questions about islam, I always feel free to find the answer for you... Post Q&A about ISLAM will be continued soon...


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